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Bergers Baby Birds


Who Are We?? superior cotton rope!! Visit our nursery
Bergers Baby Birds is a bird facility located in Street, Maryland.  Jim and I have been in the bird business for over 20 years. We have been breeding birds since 1990.  We breed senegals, white bellied caiques, black headed caiques, hawk heads, sun conures, Queen of Bavaria conures, african and timneh greys, Illiger macaws, red fronted macaws, blue and golds, greenwings and hyacinth macaws; umbrellas, moluccans, citrons and goffin cockatoos.

Please feel free to contact us for a visit. Jim and Cheryl Berger


Hi, my name is Peanut

Wholesale Customers

We are so excited we are finally able to offer our "Superior" cotton rope.  A rope made just for bird toys.

"Simply Unfooled Around With"!

It is 100% natural and unbleached.

It is everything cotton rope shouldn't be - which is why it is being Cotton Rope manufactured exclusively for bird toys. It is short fibered and, therefore, pulls apart easily, which will minimize the risk of entanglement. If you pull on the fibers from the ends or shafts, you will get cotton puffs instead of long threads.

Learn more about SUPERIOR COTTON ROPE.  

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The other nice thing about this rope is that it is AVAILABLE and will be on a consistent basis.

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